Interacting with the Engine


Shortcut to one letter codes used in status format and update field requests.

Updating physical machine statics or the administrative status of farms and physicals is done through GET queries to the engine. If the request produces output, either data or error message, it is delivered as content type plain text.

Dealing with URL escaping

If you desire to, or the web agent you are using does so automatically, you can inform the engine that query string containing all the argumetns is URL escaped. This is done by setting the first char of the query string to be "E". In general, this a pretty good idea because the format arguments are printf style, and ought to be escaped.

eg. /ath/status/phys/?Eh=app01,f="%h,%c" [expects everything after E to be url escaped]

Contructing a query piece by piece

These are listed in order of construction, with the "+" indicating what must come next, which can be another access level in the engine are the end of the path and beginning of arguments.

Farm codes

Phys codes